Begone NeoCons!

Jun 20

Over 11 years after the Bush administration made its disastrous, wrong-headed invasion of Iraq to end Saddam Hussein’s false ties with al-Qaeda/destroy his imaginary stockpiles of WMDs/bring democracy to that country (take your pick, they were all bullshit), several of the key figures from that administration are popping up to blame President Obama for “losing...

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The Anti-Vaccination Crowd Are Dangerous Idiots.

Jun 02

Over the past year I’ve read and heard news reports claiming occurrences of childhood maladies like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and rubella are on the rise in various areas across North America.  The chief reason is the unwillingness of some parents to vaccinate their children. A small minority do so on religious grounds. The rest are under the...

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America Must Take The Lead on Climate Change.

May 17

Until a few years ago, I was among those who acknowledged climate change was occurring, but wasn’t sure if there was sufficient scientific evidence to prove if it was man-made or a natural occurrence which has happened several times in Earth’s history. I wasn’t a climate change denier, and I’ve always believed mankind can benefit from...

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Trudeau Takes A Page From Harper’s Playbook.

May 11

Canadian Liberal leader Justin Trudeau recently made headlines by saying that his party will reject any Liberal candidates for the 2015 federal election who were against abortion. For most Liberal supporters this isn’t much of an issue. The party has long supported the right to abortion, even though a tiny faction of its MPs over the years were, or are,...

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The Face of Evil.

May 03

I wrote the following last summer before I started this blog. As it’s been just over a year since the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, there’s no better time than now to post it. A  cover story by Rolling Stone magazine on surviving Boston Bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev sparked some outrage, especially in Boston, not because of the story on what drove he...

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If Canada’s Middle Class Is Better Off Than America’s, Why Doesn’t It Feel Like It?

Apr 27

A recent study claiming Canada’s middle class is better off than their American counterparts raised eyebrows in both countries. The study was based on measuring median income per capita after taxes.  While politicians and economists on both sides of the border contemplate and interpret the meaning of the study, I’m left to ponder why, if Canada’s...

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No Fairness in Harper Government’s “Fair Elections Act”.

Apr 20

In recent week the Harper Government introduced a bill – the “Fair Elections Act” – into the Canadian parliament intending to make some changes to the Canada Elections Act. Among the most notable points contained in the bill is to prevent people without photo ID from voting, change how Elections Canada deals with voter fraud, and increase donations to...

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