The Attraction of Walter White.

Sep 30

The television series Breaking Bad recently ended its five-season run having earned numerous, well-deserve plaudits. Many viewers and critics consider it among the best shows in TV history, chiefly because of the show’s main character, chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White. Why was the story of his turn from a meek, cancer-ridden high school...

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A Cure for Obesity.

Sep 27

Various reports in recent years claim scientists are researching the possibilities of creating a pill which could “cure” obesity. I’m no scientist, but I know of a tried-and-true method which requires no prescription. It’s called, “Get off your lazy butt, stop stuffing your maw with junk food, eat healthier food in small portions and get regular...

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Atheism as a Religion?

Sep 25

It’s a good time to be an atheist in North America and Europe. A growing number of people (especially Christians) are rejecting religion throughout the two continents to join the ranks of the unbelievers. That would, I suppose, include myself. I was raised a Baptist but rejected the faith in my mid-teens because of my confusion over the existence of other...

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Attention, Parents! Your Kids Music Isn’t Meant For You.

Sep 24

I roll my eyes whenever I hear anyone with teenage children talking about how much their kids’ music sucks. These parents rant over how stupid and ridiculous and boring it is, and how it doesn’t measure up to the music they grew up with. They’ll say today’s music is devoid of meaning. They’ll claim it encourages kids to have sex, drink,...

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Lotteries Suck.

Sep 23

I Hate Lotteries. I hate the false hope they give people, fooling them into believing the odds of 100 million to one are fair. I hate how they entice desperate people to partake in the vain pursuit of the big win because some lucky working class schmuck just like them got lucky. I hate how they make people believe they can “game the system”, or “beat the house”,...

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