My Favorite Horror Movies.

Oct 31

In honor of Halloween 2013, here’s my top twenty horror movies.  The Exorcist. Forty years after its release, this one still disturbs me. Though it hasn’t aged well in parts and I no longer believe in organized religion (or its accompanying scare tactics about a mythical hell), this film about the possession of a young girl by a demon (or Satan himself?)...

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Harper’s Halloween Horror.

Oct 29

Embattled former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy continues to make life miserable for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his staff. Only a week after Duffy claimed in the Senate it was all Harper’s and the PMO’s idea to have the PM’s now-former chief of staff Nigel Wright pay off Duffy’s $90,000 in fraudulent living expenses, this...

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Rough Sledding Ahead for Republicans.

Oct 28

Nearly a year after President Barack Obama’s re-election and two weeks after an attempt to defund or delay Obamacare with a government shutdown and holding the debt ceiling hostage ended in failure, the Republican Party finds itself mired in a civil war between its established leadership and its Tea Party faction. If this internal battle continues over the...

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Duffy & Wallin Not Going Down Without A Fight.

Oct 25

If Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his merry band of yes-men in the PMO and Senate expected former Conservative Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin to just quietly accept the possibility of being expelled from the Senate, they were very mistaken. Duffy and Wallin, the two former high-profile journalists appointed by Harper to the Senate several years...

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Some Celebrity Deaths Expose Our Hypocrisy.

Oct 24

I first wrote this piece one day following the news of the death of pop singer Whitney Houston. Houston, one of the biggest stars in pop music from the mid-1980s through the late-1990s, spent the final decade and a half of her life addled by drugs and alcohol. The press claimed she was “battling” those addictions, but that suggests she was trying to get clean....

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