Sign-up Problems Won’t Hurt Obamacare In the Long-Term.

Oct 22

In the wake of the recent US government shutdown – the failed attempt by the Republican Party (led by its nose by its virulent far-right Tea Party wing) to pressure the Obama administration to defund or delay Obamacare – the American media has seized upon the difficulty many Americans recently faced signing up online for Obamacare via It was an...

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Can You Remember Those Idols?

Oct 21

In recent years shows such as “American Idol”, “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” have become popular with television viewers. These are, of course, talent shows for aspiring professional singers, which allow audience participation to vote for their favourites, after they’ve been “judged” by B-list celebrities, or former A-listers on their way down,...

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No Whore Like An Old Political Whore.

Oct 18

Once upon a time, Mike Duffy was one of the most respected reporters in Canada, covering Parliament Hill for CBC and CTV for nearly 35 years, winning numerous awards at home and abroad. Duffy was considered the ultimate Hill insider, earning both praise and at times condemnation for his pointed interviews of federal politicians. Like Duffy, Pamela Wallin was once a...

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The Republicans Collapse Was Inevitable.

Oct 17

After a sixteen-day standoff with President Obama and the Democrats over “Obamacare” – resulting in the shuttering of the US government and the threat of defaulting on the country’s debts –  the Republican Party caved on October 16, 2013 by agreeing to a deal ending the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. Though it’s only a temporary...

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Internet Trolls.

Oct 15

The rise of the internet has also given rise to a creature known as the “troll”. Most of us have encountered this person at one point or another, particularly if you’re involved in social media (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook), frequent message forums and chat sites, or the comments sections of mainstream media sites. These are people who live, quite simply, to...

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