Fear of Change on Prince Edward Island.

Dec 18

It’s said the only constant in the universe is change, but for some people in my home province of Prince Edward Island, change is to be resisted. In recent years I’ve observed how a group of Islanders – usually middle-aged and senior citizens – were against a series of changes which ultimately improved life on the Island. During the 1990s these...

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A Year After Newtown.

Dec 14

Today marks the first anniversary of the Newtown school shootings. In that time, the number of Americans who have been died from gun violence is over 33,000. Slate.com has a depressing graph illustrating the location of those shootings. The number of school shootings since Newtown is 26. Nearly 2,700 American children were killed by guns. There are over 310 million...

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Remembering John Lennon.

Dec 11

It was 33 years ago this week that former Beatle John Lennon was gunned down in cold blood outside his New York apartment by a madman. His death was the first “where were you when you heard the news” moment in my life. I was 17 in December 1980 and a high school senior. Momentous news events had occurred during my young life. The moon landings, Nixon’s...

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Dec 09

Like many in the world, I was surprised and saddened by the recent news of Nelson Mandela’s passing. I’m not from South Africa, never even came close to the country, but like millions around the world I was inspired by his story.  I first became aware of Mandela during the 1980s’, when the movement calling for his release from prison gained...

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Credit Advice For Millennials.

Dec 05

This isn’t meant to be a lecture to young people, particularly those in the generation tagged as “Millennials”. Though I’m older than you (50-ish), I don’t want to come across as though I’m talking down to you. Unlike most old farts, I don’t go on rants about “these kids today” and how they come up short compared to how we were at their...

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