The Dynasty Ain’t So Ducky.

Jan 28

The ratings for the reality show “Duck Dynasty” have taken a tumble following controversial comments from the family patriarch in a magazine interview last month. Phil Robertson anti-gay remarks and claims he never saw unhappy black people while growing up in Louisiana during the Jim Crow era sparked considerable outrage when published online by GQ magazine....

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On the GOP’s Election Hopes In 2014 and 2016.

Jan 23

As the American government prepare for the mid-terms election in November 2014, there’s talk the Republican Party could be well-positioned to not only maintain control of the Congress but also gain control of the Senate, thus effectively blocking President Obama’s hopes of building on his legacy. While a number of districts have been effectively...

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Down With Diets.

Jan 14

It’s early January 2014 as I write this, a brand new year with plenty of hope and promise. For most folks in Western society, a new year is a time for resolutions, to make promises to improve oneself, to break bad habits and take up better ones. The most popular, of course, is to lose weight, and for most that means going on a diet. Given the growing obesity...

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Precious Little History on The History Channel.

Jan 03

  I’m a history buff. Have been since I was a kid. History was my favorite class throughout my school years. I prefer reading about history (especially from the nineteenth century onward) and enjoy historical documentaries and films. I was thrilled when history specialty channels debuted in the late-1990s in North America. Finally, a couple of channels...

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