A Tip For Healthy Eating.

Feb 20

While recently surfing the ‘net I stumbled across an ad on a site touting five foods you should never eat if you hope to lose weight. I’ve seen this ad before and ignored it but as I was bored my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it to discover what these five foods were. Could they be candy bars? Potato chips. Any variety of greasy fast food?...

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It Really Does Go By Fast.

Feb 14

My sister-in-law recently posted the following link on her Facebook feed to a blog written by a woman who took umbrage to an elderly lady who told her, while her tired kids were acting up in a parking lot, to enjoy her children while they’re little because it goes by so fast. The author acknowledged the joys of raising kids but also noted it can be ‚Äúrelentless...

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Harper Government No Friend to Canada’s Veterans.

Feb 07

If there was ever any doubt the Harper Government views veterans as perfect props for photo ops but an inconvenience to assist, it was dispelled once and for all by Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino’s recent disgraceful behaviour toward a group of veterans. The veterans were to meet with Fantino to express their concerns over the government’s...

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