A Cure for Obesity.

Sep 27

Various reports in recent years claim scientists are researching the possibilities of creating a pill which could “cure” obesity.

I’m no scientist, but I know of a tried-and-true method which requires no prescription.

It’s called, “Get off your lazy butt, stop stuffing your maw with junk food, eat healthier food in small portions and get regular exercise.”

I’m not singling out those unfortunate folks who are obese due to a physical defect (thyroid, genetics) beyond their control. They can’t help it, and if they had the choice, would love to have the genetic makeup to reduce their size.

Many people in that category are actually in good health. They exercise regularly, eat sensibly and apart from their size lead healthy and productive lives.

I’m also not singling out those who suffer from a physical handicap preventing them from getting the same amount of exercise as everyone else. Most of those folks actually do keep themselves in good shape as best they can, as it’s in their best interest to do so.

Sloth and poor diet are the real reasons for skyrocketing "obesity" in North America.

Sloth and poor diet are the real reasons for skyrocketing “obesity” in North America.

My criticism is aimed at those who, especially in modern western society, hide behind the term obese. They’re self-made fatties who, through poor diet and laziness, have turned themselves into land whales.

These are people who, if they wanted to, could lose weight and lead healthier lives. They don’t, because they’re lazy.

It’s easy to blame the fast food restaurants, or the food packagers for loading up ther products with so many additives you need a chemistry degree to understand them all. It’s easy to say there’s just not enough time in the day to exercise.

Those are baseless, convenient excuses to justify a lazy lifestyle. It’s bullshit, plain and simple.

I know this from personal experience. While I’ve never been obese, I’ve had times in my life when I was overweight, and I don’t mean just by a few points.

At my heaviest, I weighed 210 pounds, which wouldn’t be bad if I weren’t 5’8” tall, or if it were all muscle. But it wasn’t. I was just plain fat. Not obese, but fat, and for a while, I accepted it as just another part of middle age. “My metabolism is slowing down”, I said to myself, which was true, as it is for most who reach middle age. Problem was, I wasn’t doing anything to compensate for it.

After a diabetes scare, I decided to change my lifestyle and subsequently dropped from 202 lbs to 168 in six months. Despite minor fluctuations, I’ve kept my weight around 175 lbs for several years now.

I did it by eating sensibly, digesting smaller portions rather than heaping plates, cutting back on the junk food and alcohol, and getting plenty of exercise.

I work out three-four days a week, engaging in one hour each day of vigorous cardio and fat-burning exercises. During the summer, I also jog, bike and swim.

It does take some self-discipline, but it’s not that difficult to maintain, and I enjoy the activities, especially now that I’m not carrying around an additional 35 pounds of fat around my waist. It’s like having a second chance at life again. I look and feel much better, and I don’t suffer as often, or nearly as long, from colds and flu as I used to. My energy levels have significantly improved.

I’m not trying to be an advertisement for physical activity and proper diet, nor to lord my success over others. I’m just passing along my own personal experience, because it works! There’s no short cut to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. It takes effort, but when you find something that’s fun to do, and when you’re doing it with other folks who also enjoy it, it’s not a chore anymore.

Sadly, western society has grown slothful, especially in North America, which leads the world in obesity and diabetes, especially in our children.

When I was growing up in the 1970s, there were two kids in my elementary and junior high classes who were considered “fat” by the standards of the day. They were both just as active and had pretty much the same diet as the rest of us. Turns out, they just hadn’t fully grown into their bodies yet. By the time they started high school, they shed most of their “baby fat”. 

If you compared a photo of those two “fat” kids to a 2013 class photo of an elementary school in North America, they would look svelte compared to the kids waddling through today’s school hallways, stuffing their little faces with chips and soda, wheezing like locomotives when they climb a flight of stairs. 

Our society has grown so lazy, we want a pill to shed the pounds for us. Someday that pill might indeed be invented, but with accompanying health side effects creating additional problems.

Better living through medication? When it comes to fitness and healthy living, I’ll stick to what’s tried and true, because I know from personal experience there’s no side effects from that. I’ll not only look just as good as if I took a pill, I’ll feel better as well.

Taking a pill might make you slimmer, but it won’t make you healthier. You’ll still be eating greasy, fatty “food” and living life as a couch potato, meaning you’ll still be at the same risk of getting diabetes, heart disease or colorectal problems.

Seems our society really has embraced the catchphrase of Billy Crystal SNL character Fernando, “It’s better to look good than to feel good, and you know who you are”.

Do you know who you are?

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