A Tip For Healthy Eating.

Feb 20

While recently surfing the ‘net I stumbled across an ad on a site touting five foods you should never eat if you hope to lose weight.

I’ve seen this ad before and ignored it but as I was bored my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it to discover what these five foods were. Could they be candy bars? Potato chips. Any variety of greasy fast food?

This is NOT bad for you.

This is NOT bad for you.

Nope, turns this ad only listed one food, for in order to see the others on the list you had to buy a special diet book which would magically help you shed 10 pounds in less than 30 days. The food which was highlighted? A banana.

According to this ad, you shouldn’t eat bananas because they’re full of sugar, which is bad for you and will make you gain weight.

The only truthful thing about that ad is bananas contain sugar, but not the processed kind found in candy bars, sweetened cereals, packaged cookies and other sweets. Bananas contain natural sugar, which your body actually needs for energy.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen ads claiming  a certain fruit or vegetable was unhealthy and would make you pack on the pounds. A few years ago it was avocados because they are “high in fat”. Before that, it was potatoes because they are high in starch.

Avocados are high in fat, but it’s the healthy kind, which occurs naturally, isn’t bad for you in the least and which your body actually needs. Potatoes are starchy, but again, that’s something your body needs for energy. Actually, what makes potatoes bad for you is how you prepare them. Steaming or baking them is the best way. Deep-frying is the worst. So does pouring gravy or butter or sour cream on top of them. It’s not the potato which is unhealthy, it’s how you prepare it.

No fruit or vegetable, especially if they’re grown naturally, is bad for you. If they contain sugars, starch and fat, it’s the naturally occurring kind which is part of a healthy lifestyle. Natural fats from fruits and vegetables help lubricate your internal organs and provides a necessary layer of protection against injuries. It’s what you eat with the fruits and vegetables which will make you gain unnecessary, unhealthy weight.

Anytime you see an ad touting a diet telling you to cut out eating a certain fruit or vegetable, ignore it. That person or company is trying to sell you a diet book or their artificially created food supplements which are no replacement for real food. Unless you have a food allergy, every fruit and vegetable is good for you.

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