A Year After Newtown.

Dec 14

Today marks the first anniversary of the Newtown school shootings.

In that time, the number of Americans who have been died from gun violence is over 33,000. Slate.com has a depressing graph illustrating the location of those shootings.

The number of school shootings since Newtown is 26. Nearly 2,700 American children were killed by guns.

The dead of Newtown.

The dead of Newtown.

There are over 310 million guns in the United States, which breaks down as one gun for every American citizen. No other country has that statistic. Many of those weapons are assault rifles, which have no place among the citizenry, should only be in the hands of the police and the military, and serves no purpose other than as a means to effectively kill a large group of people.

Put simply, when it comes to guns, common sense eludes many Americans. This isn’t “anti-Americanism”. It’s simply a fact.  Every democratic country has gun control laws, and none of their citizenry believe their freedoms are threatened or that they’re living under an oppressive government.  

The rest of the world looks at America’s love of guns and shakes their collective heads.  That a nation which has given so much to the world has such a self-destructive fetish for firearms eludes us.

When not even the deaths of innocent children, many of them senselessly gunned down in their homes and schools, moves the American government to implement necessary and sensible gun control laws (like those enjoyed by almost every democratic nation), it’s little wonder the rest of the world believes the United States is in an irreversible decline.

The stats speak for themselves. A year after innocent children were mowed down by a madman with an assault rifle, nothing has changed in America.

It’s only a matter of time until the next massacre, and the next, and the next. Americans will be shocked. Perhaps a majority will support tougher gun laws. Politicians will say all the right things, and then the National Rifle Association and those politicians who owe their careers to NRA money will ensure no gun control legislation is passed. And the cycle will start all over again.

Government is supposed to protect its citizens, but American politicians on both sides of the aisle long ago sold out to special interests, putting money ahead of the peoples’ welfare.

If the next massacre saw the slaughter of more children, perhaps infants in a hospital or in a day care, even that won’t move the heartless, power-hungry bastards of the NRA and the politicians they own to allow for the implementation of sensible gun laws.

America is no shining city on a hill.  It’s a wild west frontier town where not even children are safe from gun violence. And most Americans prefer it that way, many seeing themselves as John Wayne and Gary Cooper with six-guns on their hips and rifles in their hands, ready to mete out “justice”.

One year after Newtown, the NRA maintains, and will continue to maintain, a death grip upon America’s gun laws, preventing any real, positive change.

So much for American democracy. So much for keeping Americans safe.  The NRA and its supporters sell the myth that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Thanks to America’s gun laws, those people are killing people far more effectively than ever before.

Nothing changes. Nothing will. Newtown will serve as yet another in a long, sad line of examples that American politicians and special interest groups don’t give a damn about their citizens’ welfare.

The legacy of Newtown is guns matter more than your children.

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