America Must Take The Lead on Climate Change.

May 17

Until a few years ago, I was among those who acknowledged climate change was occurring, but wasn’t sure if there was sufficient scientific evidence to prove if it was man-made or a natural occurrence which has happened several times in Earth’s history.

I wasn’t a climate change denier, and I’ve always believed mankind can benefit from reducing pollution, but when the scientific community appeared divided over what was primarily at fault, I waited for more conclusive evidence.

Will America do anything worthwhile about climate change?

Will America do anything worthwhile about climate change?

In recent years, however, my opinion changed, largely because a growing number of the scientific community agrees climate change is indeed man-made. The most recent consensus indicated 97 percent agreed on this fact. The sheer weight of growing evidence is too much to overlook, ignore or raise critical arguments against. When 97 percent of climate scientists agreed climate change is man-made, that’s enough for me.

Sadly, however, there are people in positions of influence and power, largely in the United States, who continue to deny the obvious and reject scientific evidence. Most are usually politicians who owe their jobs to oil and coal companies. Many of them reject the notion of America taking the lead in seeking out options for clean energy, preferring other countries do so first.

The sheer willful ignorance and stupidity from American politicians, their supporters and media enablers, simply boggles the mind. Their attitude seems to be, “We don’t believe this is man-made, but if it is, this is too big for us to deal with, so other countries must clean up their act first”.

The United States never would’ve put a man on the moon, helped defeat the Nazis and the Japanese in World War II, made their great technological and scientific achievements, built up their nation, hell, even been born as a nation, if the attitude was to simply stick their heads in the sand, ignore reality and hope someone else takes care of a problem.

The Obama White House at least acknowledges the issue and is trying to be proactive in addressing it. Sadly, with the Congress controlled by right-wing nutjobs and the Senate minority holding enough votes to stonewall taking real action against climate change, there’s only so much they can do.

Yes, the rest of the world must do its share, especially rising, pollution-filled countries like China and India. But the United States is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world. It has a responsibility to do something, to lead by example, to put their so-called exceptionalism on display, not pass the buck and just decide not to bother doing anything.

Climate change IS real. It IS man-made. The world MUST do something about it. America MUST take the lead.

Eventually, America won’t have any choice but to be spurred into action. As rising seas threaten its great coastal cities, as drought burns through its southern states, as hurricanes and tornadoes worsen, America won’t have much choice. The only question is, how long until they finally do? How much worse does it have to get before they decide to be proactive? The longer they wait, the worse it will get, and the longer it takes the world to recover.

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