Attention, Parents! Your Kids Music Isn’t Meant For You.

Sep 24

I roll my eyes whenever I hear anyone with teenage children talking about how much their kids’ music sucks.

These parents rant over how stupid and ridiculous and boring it is, and how it doesn’t measure up to the music they grew up with.

They’ll say today’s music is devoid of meaning.

They’ll claim it encourages kids to have sex, drink, do drugs and defy their parents. 

They’ll claim it’s vapid and devoid of talent.

It destroys family values and our social fabric, encouraging kids to have sex, smoke, drink, do drug and defy their parent.

It openly mocks religion and authority.

It’s too loud.

What she's listening to wasn't meant for you, Dad.

What she’s listening to wasn’t meant for you, Dad.

If you’re over forty and a parent of teenagers, does any of this sounding familiar? Because if it doesn’t, unless your own teenage years were sheltered ones, you’re living in denial.

You’re conveniently – or deliberately – forgetting your own parents said the same things about your music when you were a teenager.

You’re also forgetting the music your kids listen to and love isn’t meant for you.

You’re entitled to your opinion of it, but that won’t make your kids stop listening to it. If anything, it’ll only drive them further toward it.

I used to be like you. I used to look down my nose at today’s musicians and sneer about their failures to measure up to those of my youth…until I realized my folks said the same thing about my music when I was a teenager.

It’s okay, you’re not supposed to understand it. Like me, you’re getting old, and that’s okay, too. It’s just part of the ageing process.

Heck, if you gave today’s music a chance, you might honestly enjoy some of it, drawing comparisons to favorite musicians and tunes of your youth.

But if not, that’s fine, because it’s not meant for you.

Your music is easy to find. It’s all over the plethora of “classic” radio stations, or of the touring of your favorite bands which are still together after all these years. If you’re computer-savvy, you can find it on YouTube or streaming music channels or peer-to-peer downloads or satellite radio.

Enjoy your favorite music, and let your kids enjoy theirs. One day, they’ll become parents, and they’ll end up bitching about their kids music.

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