If Canada’s Middle Class Is Better Off Than America’s, Why Doesn’t It Feel Like It?

Apr 27

A recent study claiming Canada’s middle class is better off than their American counterparts raised eyebrows in both countries. The study was based on measuring median income per capita after taxes.  While politicians and economists on both sides of the border contemplate and interpret the meaning of the study, I’m left to ponder why, if Canada’s...

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No Fairness in Harper Government’s “Fair Elections Act”.

Apr 20

In recent week the Harper Government introduced a bill – the “Fair Elections Act” – into the Canadian parliament intending to make some changes to the Canada Elections Act. Among the most notable points contained in the bill is to prevent people without photo ID from voting, change how Elections Canada deals with voter fraud, and increase donations to...

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Quebec Separatism Consigned to the Ash Heap of History.

Apr 13

In the wake of the Parti Quebecois’ stunning collapse and defeat in the recent Quebec provincial election, pundits in the province and across Canada hastened to caution that the PQ’s defeat didn’t mean the end of the separatism dream. Nonsense. True, there’s been times since the PQ first came to power in 1976 where they were written off and...

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Beating The Soul-crushing Dreariness of Modern Life.

Apr 05

Once upon a time, I was like many folks in Western society, living a nine-to-five existence Monday to Friday at a job I once enjoyed but now found tedious and unfulfilling. I too made the commutes, stuck in traffic, trying to get to work on time, jockeying at the drive-thru for my morning coffee. I worked an office job, handling a growing pile of paperwork (despite...

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Trivializing a Disaster.

Mar 30

As of this writing it’s been over three weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean while bound from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Search efforts continue but have yet to find any trace of the missing jet, its passengers and crew. Several countries have devoted considerable time and resources trying to find the...

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