Begone NeoCons!

Jun 20

Over 11 years after the Bush administration made its disastrous, wrong-headed invasion of Iraq to end Saddam Hussein’s false ties with al-Qaeda/destroy his imaginary stockpiles of WMDs/bring democracy to that country (take your pick, they were all bullshit), several of the key figures from that administration are popping up to blame President Obama for “losing Iraq”.

Several of the Neo-Cons who deserve full blame for America's ill-fated war with Iraq.

Several of the Neo-Cons who deserve full blame for America’s ill-fated war with Iraq.

Never mind that the majority of Americans were weary of a war which cost too much blood and treasure to accomplish so little for too many wrong reasons, or that Obama was merely adhering to the will of the electorate who wanted that bloody misadventure to end, or that, by withdrawing American troops,  he was following the status of forces agreement with the new Iraqi government negotiated by the Bush administration .

Nope, by golly, in the minds of the neocon warhawks, it’s all Obama’s fault that a small but well-armed terrorist army is marching through Northern Iraq and threatening Baghdad. And the idiots who were to blame for the clusterfuck in the first place – warmongers like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, chickenhawk pundits like Bill Kristol and Judy Miller, Bush neocons Donald Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Paul Bremer – have taken to the American airwaves trying to pin the latest uprisings in Iraq on the current president.

The worst of the bunch is former vice president Dick Cheney, a frequent critic of Obama’s foreign policy. With his daughter Liz, Cheney penned an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal blasting Obama’s “failures” (in their eyes) in Iraq, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Why the hell anyone would want to listen to anything these bozos have to say is beyond me. Sure, if you want cautionary tales of how not to conduct foreign policy, then yes, this bunch are certainly worth listening to. But to give them media space to vent their spleens at Obama whilst simultaneously trying to shift the blame for their misadventures in Iraq onto the current president, who had nothing to do with creating the mess and had to deal with its aftermath, is little more than empty sensationalism.

These people were dead wrong. They lied their country into a war with an opponent which had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Their only success was turning that nation into the breeding ground for terrorism it hadn’t been prior to their invasion.

What gives me hope, however, is it appears the media isn’t buying their snake oil this time. Even Fox News, the prime cheerleaders for the Bush administration throughout that war, have questioned these yahoos to their faces when they appear on that network to spout their drivel. The main question being asked of these neocon idiots, again and again, is why we should listen to their assessments of Iraq now when they were so wrong, so often, about everything when they set America down the path toward a conflict which was only exceeded for sheer folly by the Vietnam War a generation prior.

Don’t expect straight answers from these neocon weasels. They carry on bashing Obama, believing they’ll find common cause with Americans who dislike the president. They’re failing. Most of Obama’s harshest critics among the American citizenry don’t want him dragging the country back into Iraq again.

It remains to be seen what the fallout will be from the current insurgency in Iraq and how it’ll shape the future of that country and of its Middle Eastern neighbors. But it’s nothing for America to get seriously entangled in. Too many American and Iraqi lives were destroyed from the last U.S. incursion. Whatever happens, this is for Iraqis, not Americans, to resolve.

The neocons have blood on their hands. They not only destroyed Iraq, but seriously weakened America, plunging it so deeply into debt that it exacerbated the economic collapse of 2008. Its military is exhausted. Its people weary of war. That is the legacy of the neocons. They must slither back from wherever they came from and never be heard from again. Too many people have suffered from their hubris. No matter how much they try to shift the blame for their actions, history has already judged them, and will continue to do so harshly for decades, perhaps centuries, to come.

They, not Obama, weakened America. They deserve nothing but disdain and loathing from their fellow Americans. No one should ever take seriously anything they have to say. In fact, they’re unworthy of having a media platform to spew their nonsense.

I leave the Neocon scum with the words of Oliver Cromwell, which every American should shout at them in a cacophony that drowns out their bile and sends them scurrying back to whatever ratholes they sprang from: “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of Godgo

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