The True Meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Nov 30

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving in the United States was a holiday designed for Americans to give thanks to God for their respective blessings, while Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

While many Americans still stay true to the meaning of their Thanksgiving holiday, and many people around the world still celebrate Christmas for the birth of Christ, the true meanings of those respective holidays have been usurped by big business.

The real reason for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

The real reason for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

The true meaning of those respective holidays is now to shop until you drop for the best bargains you can find, plunging consumers further into debt by putting those purchases on credit cards while the retailers grow fat on the profits.

American Thanksgiving is now seen as the kick-off to the American Christmas holiday season, and what better way to celebrate that than to begin Christmas shopping by staging massive sales the day after Thanksgiving, now known to retail employees as “Black Friday” for the crush of humanity who crowd the big retail stores in search of bargain gifts for Christmas, and a little something for themselves.

Retailers across the United States now give thanks for the turkeys in human form who rush to their stores to gobble up their cheap products.

Some American retailers aren’t content to await until Thanksgiving is over to begin their “Black Friday” sales, opening their stores that evening – ruining Thanksgiving for the unlucky employees forced to come in and work that shift rather than spend it with their families – to get the jump on their competition.

It’s bound to be successful, which next year will be picked up by their rivals. In a few more years, Thanksgiving will be just another holiday all retail employees will be forced to work.

But really, who can blame those retailers? If American consumers didn’t stampede their stores on “Black Friday”, if there wasn’t any money in it, there wouldn’t be any reason to open stores on Thanksgiving evening and keeping them open through the night into the following day. The true god in America is the almighty dollar, and retailers will pursue it to the ends of the earth. If they could get away with being open on Christmas, they would. It’s become the worship of commerce, with the spiritual meaning for both seasons merely an afterthought. It’s the church of Capitalism.

Americans are happily willing to be part of this arrangement, eagerly parting with their hard-earned coin (or maxing out their many credit cards) for crappy products they really don’t need as part of the ritual of Christmas shopping. It’s the American dream in all its glory. Faith and family are elbowed aside in search of bargains.

Worse, a number of the pious who fear a “war on Christmas” in America happily condone it. They don’t see any problem with the greed and avarice on both sides because it drives the economy. They’ve been so worried about a non-existent war on Christmas they didn’t realize they’d lost the real war on Thanksgiving.

At this rate, a day-long holiday giving thanks to God will soon be relegated to an hour during a lunch break. And no one will care as long as the sales are on and there’s money to be made.

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